Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend having your house washed at least once per year. This provides consistent protection from harmful algae, mold, and other contaminants. Our Annual Membership Program is designed as a convenient solution for homeowners to keep their home looking perfect.

Our Annual Membership Program provides you with an effortless solution to protect your home year after year. This way, you can worry about other things while we worry about keeping your home looking perfect.

Each job is unique. The time it takes to complete is dependent on many factors, such as the size of the surface and the amount of buildup. Rest assured, our technicians will work on your property until they deliver the best results possible.

Our services are priced based on several factors, such as square footage, the scope of service, and job materials being used. We provide quotes and schedule service all over the phone. No in-person estimates are needed.

Our experts ask a few questions and measure your property using state-of-the-art satellite measuring technology. This gives us precise square footage so that we can provide the most accurate quote possible.


We take all preventative measures with proven techniques to keep plants safe from our services.

Our process is designed for outdoor surfaces only.


Yes, absolutely! Washing the exterior of your home can add up to $15,000 to the sale price, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Day of Service

No. For your convenience, you do not need to be home. All we ask is that you close your windows and doors on your service date and provide access to a working water spigot.

It’s not possible to give you an accurate time of arrival. Each technician does several jobs a day, and each job is unique. This is why we do not require you to be home for our service. Feel free to go out and enjoy your day.

You will receive an automated text and email when the technician is en route to your home.

Yes, we do require access to a working water spigot on the outside of the house.


Yes, we can. Many of our customers use a well for their water supply. When our team arrives, they check the well to make sure it can handle our process. If there are any issues, we will notify you immediately.


Our team works in the wind and rain. If the weather is too extreme, our technicians will reach out regarding rescheduling the service.

Service Specific

Yes, it will. The “green stuff” you see on your siding is a form of algae that affects thousands of homes each year. Our process is designed to safely eliminate not only algae from your siding, but also mold, dirt, grime, and other contaminants.


A house wash utilizes a soft wash process that combines safe pressure with biodegradable cleansers to remove dirt, mildew, algae, and other contaminants from your home’s exterior.


The exterior of your windows is soaped and rinsed during our house washing process. However, we do not squeegee or dry them by hand.


Yes, absolutely! We have a safe and effective process for cleaning brick surfaces.


No, we do not power wash wood siding. However, we do have a process to clean wood decks safely.


No, our process is not designed to clean out gutters. During our house wash, we soap and rinse the exterior of your gutters but do not physically remove debris from the inside.


The black streaks on your roof are an infestation known as Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae eats away at the limestone filler in your shingles, leaving behind a dark residue. Our roof treatment is designed to remove these black streaks and neutralize the infestation at its roots.


It is NEVER recommended to ‘power wash’ a roof. Therefore, we perform what is called a “roof treatment,” where we apply a specialized algaecide designed to eliminate moss, lichens, and black streaks. This is performed at a very low pressure to avoid structural damage, providing the best results possible for your home.


We perform a “roof treatment” that eliminates harmful living organisms that grow on the roof. This process is not designed to remove any debris from the roof.


A concrete wash and seal process uses safe pressure to extract dirt and grime from your concrete surfaces. Our siloxane sealer penetrates the surface and soaks into the pores of concrete, strengthening it from the inside out. This helps protect against cracking and chipping from seasonal freeze/thaw cycles.


Our sealer is designed for regularly poured concrete. Our penetrating sealer is not designed for stamped concrete because it is not porous. However, we do wash stamped concrete.


We use a premium siloxane-silane mixture that is expertly designed to penetrate the surface and help protect your concrete from cracking, chipping, and pitting.


No, we use a premium sealer that soaks into the concrete and protects it from within. Because of this, your concrete will not become slippery, nor will it change in physical appearance after our sealer is applied.

No. These stains may lighten up in color, but our process is not designed to remove oil/rust stains or inorganic marks.